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I embarked on this amazing life changing journey with Peter, starting from 24 April – 22 June 2016. My objectives/ideals/dreams that I shared and worked towards obtaining, at first seemed rather impossible. I was skeptical at first – but the more and more Peter shared his learning and made me THINK for MYSELF, the more the light bulb started flickering.

He helped me see how all the learning forms a life circle- from the Law of Oneness to I am my WORD. I set my own goals – with him guiding in the direction for me to be able to answer myself; it was amazing! The session on living in the truth vs story, is one I practice each and every day – and by doing this, I have no words to explain what a major difference it has made in my life !

Most liberating was to fully understand what he meant by asking me the ‘Creation’ question. Living this question is the key to creating the life you want to live for yourself. 

Grace Del Fava - Head of Micro Marketing - Sanlam Life

What a privilege this is to recommend a Life Coach like Peter!! When your colleagues, friends and family ask you "what's changed?" you know, you struck gold! Work Life Balance, is it just a myth or is it a reality? Our potential and environment are ever changing, but our thought patterns seem to remain the same and for a person whose goal is "to strive to be a better person than I was yesterday", it became a challenge. Thank you Peter for walking this journey with me, thank you for opening up a world of possibilities and assisting me in opening up my terms of reference to more than just my past experiences. You have truly assisted me in breaking through boundaries to endless possibilities in striving for excellence in everything I do, and ultimately ensure prosperity! I cannot wait for next 45 years; it's surely just getting better. 

Roslyn Albrecht - Personal Assistant - Auditor General of South Africa

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