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About Peter

Peter’s search for meaning in his personal life, and his fascination with understanding human behaviour, motivation and personal mastery, led him to extensive study and research in various aspects of behavioural science since 2001. His particular fields of interest are Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind and Positive Psychology.

Peter is an MBA graduate with 6 years’ experience in Leadership Development at University level. His passion for Life Coaching was sparked when he received Life Coaching as part of his personal development as a Manager at the NMMU Business School in 2012.

Peter applies the Consciousness Coaching® methodology in his own life and in his coaching practice. This methodology is based on the ancient credo that all external changes start within. 

He is an ambassador for Creative Consciousness International’s Consciousness Coaching® Academy where he completed his formal Professional Consciousness Coaching® qualification. As such, he provides access to formal coaching training which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Peter considers himself truly privileged to serve as a Professional Leadership and Life Coach, which is aligned with his life’s purpose to assist others on their journey of overcoming perceived obstacles, unlocking their true potential, and living more purposeful and intrinsically energized lives.

He does the majority of his Leadership and Life Coaching online via Skype.